p1  We create concept models and fully detailed 3D component models for our customers. We also source rapid prototypes in SLA, 3D print and Laser Sintering for fit and function analysis where required.

p3  Prototype manufacturing is an important method of industrial design, which is a process to materialization of CAD model for actual experience and assessment of product, finding of design deficiency and imperfection during production, as well as optimization and correction in a timely manner.

Prototype manufacturing, first known in 1980s’, is an updated product R&D technology evolved from the integration of modern CAD/CAM technology, laser technology, computer-based CNC technology, precision servo driver technology, new material and etc, and which is a integrated systematic technology by which from part design to manufacturing of three-dimensional prototype is realized. There’re various methods and means for manufacturing prototype.

Now, with improving three-dimensional printing technology, a new round of revolution will take place with prototype manufacturing and the manufacturing as a whole in the future.