:mold Project First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd has a group of excellent project engineers and perfect management system. Our team members possess abundant professional knowledge, rich experience in project management and outstanding communication ability to ensure successful implementation of customers’ projects.
Our project management process is as follows:

1)RFQ must fully be provided by the customer as well as final design data and documents of the customer. These documents and design data must be maintained consistent in the whole process of project operation; in case of any change in the process of operation, all related documents must be revised accordingly as soon as possible.

2)Upon receiving FRQ from the customer, assessment and quotation should be performed in a timely manner, the customer should immediately be informed of any doubt and suggestion, and quotation should be notified to the customer within1-2 day(s).

3)Upon quotation is accepted by the customer and entering into import stage, the customer should communicate with project manager again to determine project implementation details and discuss all potential problems.

4)At the same time, our mold designer will make a conceptual design of the mold for review by the customer, this is a process expected to complete in about 3-7 days.

5)Once conceptual design is completed, the customer and project manager will review conceptual design and determine final direction of the project. The next step is the review of mold steel and mold components.

6)Final mold design should be completed within 1-2 week(s), then it’ll be reviewed jointly by the customer and project manager to establish final design and manufacturing plan; Any special requirement from the customer should be communicated with project manager.

7)In starting mold manufacturing, all mold steels and parts to be outsourced must be purchased as per the requirements jointly determined by the customer and project manager and accompanied with quality certificate of materials. All mold makers must process the mold strictly according to design drawing. Field QC officer must ensure strict inspection of each part.

8)In the case the customer has no special requirement, mold manufacturing should normally be completed within 4-8 weeks, including CMM and primary and secondary tooling tests. For oversize mold and mold having excessively high precision requirement, the time of completion should be determined by early communication with the customer.

9)Air lift and ocean shipping are acceptable for mold transportation.

10)If the customer requires First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd for molding product, project manager should arrange purchasing of materials, Quality Control and arrangement of transportation as early as possible. If the customer requires to escrow a mold after a mold was made, such mold should be timely arranged for numbering in stock.

11)If the customer requires First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd for assembling a complete set of product, project manager should communicate and discuss the same with the customer in advance, timely arrange the buyer and notify cooperation partner for operation of relevant part, as well as timely develop acceptance standard and production standard, so as to ensure timely delivery to the customer.