super01  The engineers of First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd simulate the molten polymer of a complex injection molding by finite element analysis software. The data collected are used for explanation, forecast and elimination of potential molding problem for guidance and optimization of design.

For instance, they use analysis module to simulate an injection flowing process, at first, our analysis software will give necessary advice to the engineer, as well as forecast flowing process of molten polymer in mold cavity. With these suggestions, our designer may make choice on the selection of material and assessment of molding condition, so as to help and optimize an injection molding process.

5Flow simulation may determine optimal gate location(s) and optimized runner system, forecast weld line, determine the location of air trap, shear stress, filling time, filling possibility, mold clamping force, melt temperature, gate freezing time, pressure holding time and pressure. Application of CAE technology is becoming more and more important for First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd.