First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd has a top mold design team, whose rich experience in mold design will benefit your project , and whose excellent skill will help saving your time, materials and money, so that your product may be released to the market earlier.

The mold designers of First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd are sufficiently able to help our customers in developing their products from conceptual design to prototype and production based upon our rich experience in mold specialty. From design to selection of material, prototyping, mold design, injection forming and assembly. We can assure you that your idea throughout the entire process, Furthermore, we ensure feasibility and good quality, for we’re able to achieve.

Our mold designers apply modern mainstream two-dimensional and three-dimensional software and have abundant database, leading to much higher timeliness and preciseness in their design, and ensuring integrity of the customers’ design datas as well as in compliance with the customers’ specifications for mold and molding.