Product Description

FBH35 is a subway gadget ultra-light in-ear music Bluetooth earphone V4.1, stereo dual-ear sports type

Product type: FBH35

Color option: green

Bluetooth version: V4.1

Chip: smart chip

Operating range: 10m

Product weight: 14g

Loudspeaker specification: 8mm

MIC specification:: 40*25mm

Frequency response: 2.4Hz

Transmission power: Class2

Impedance: 2.2KΩ

Cell capacity: 60mHA

Product size: 40*21*30mm

Range of transmission: 10m

Charger power supply: 110-240V AC input, 5V DC output

Call time: 4~5-hour

Idle time: 150-hour

Functions: Volume modulation, pairing reminder, max./min. volume reminding, last/next music reminder/long-distance reminder

Bluetooth mode: Hands free/Handset version 4.1

Support functions: Smart voice reminder, call reporting, languages of four languages, XIAOMI and APPLE power capacity display, noise reduction, clear call, selection of last/next music, and pause of music play

Dual-equipment connection, one-to-two simultaneous connection of two mobile phones; easy switching

Packaging: USB charging cable, Manual

Bluetooth earphone 2-6

Balanced high, intermediate and low frequencies, pure voice at low frequency and sweet voice at high frequency

Sound modulation is operated by professional tuning team! Balanced high, intermediate and low frequencies, flexible voice at intermediate frequency, pure voice at low frequency and sweet voice at high frequency!

Bluetooth earphone 2-5

ultra-light in-ear music Bluetooth earphone V4.1, stereo dual-ear sports type

Bluetooth earphone 2-7

Comfortable experience design that is never heard before; avoid the restriction of wired earphone, enjoy supreme free journey of music experience, ergonomic earphone design allows free enjoyment of wired movement whenever and wherever you want!

Bluetooth earphone 2-8

Powerful smart noise reduction/Enjoy pure music

Unimaginable smart noise reduction design allows comfortable enjoyment of pure music as well as noise filtering during transmission of sound and the point of sound receiving!

Bluetooth earphone 2-9

IPX waterproof certification design/Waterproof and sweat-proof

International IPX waterproof certification design allows you to sweat, the earphone is not affected by your sweat during movement, and you may enjoy undisturbed pleasure of pure music whenever and wherever you want!

Bluetooth earphone 2-10

CPU 80Hz smart computing: 80Hz smart computing: smart music, rapid audio switching, accurate communication of music voice, non-delay and noise-free allow you to experience face-to-face communication.

Powerful V4.1 Bluetooth: powerful V4.1 Bluetooth

Powerful V4.1 Bluetooth, 2 times of signal intensity than V4.0, better tone, higher quality call and longer distance transmission!

Bluetooth earphone 2-11

CVC 6.0

CVC 6.0 smart noise reduction

Special design of body structure ensures high tightness, realizes zero sound leakage and allows reclusion from urban noisiness

V4.1 Bluetooth strengthens in all respects:

More perfect and shocking tone
Clearer and more comfortable call
More powerful transmission signal

Bluetooth earphone 2-15

Multifunctional key/release your passion as you will

Multifunctional key design allows random change of music, volume intensity and etc, together with high-definition microphone function, all of which allow you to release your passion as you will!

Bluetooth earphone 2-12

Configuration of HD MIC

Concealed HD MIC incorporates advanced voice input and noise-eliminating technologies to gain high-quality voice input

Bluetooth earphone 2-13

1/Medical-grade earplug of biological silica gel is soft and comfortable, able to insulate the sound effectively and prevent skin allergy

2/Headphone of biological silica gel is reinforced for firm wearing and able to prevent skin allergy

3/Ultra-strong noodle-shaped earphone cable is unlikely to knot or rupture, tough and durable

Bluetooth earphone 2-14

1/ Hold on this key, RED light and BLUE light alternately flash, indicating normal POWER ON

2/Power on the mobile phone to search Bluetooth device, until Bluetooth device is searched by the mobile phone

3/Make pairing connection after M800 is searched

wireless Bluetooth earphone-24