Product Description

FBH15 Iis a sports Bluetooth earphone V4.0, universal music wireless mini earplug-type dual-ear stereo

Product type: FBH15

Color option: black + silver

Bluetooth version: V4.0

Bluetooth mode: version 4.0, stereo, new release

Transmission power: Class2

Chip: CSR8615 series

Operating range: 10m

Product weight: 8g

Loudspeaker specification: 11mm

MIC specification:: 40*25mm

Frequency response: 2.4Hz

Impedance: 32R

Cell capacity: 80mHA

Charger power supply: 110-240V AC input, 5V DC output

Call time: 6-hour

idle time: 100-hour

Dimension: 47*18*10mm

Voice call: support

Functions: Hang on/hang off/rejection, replay current call, volume increase/decrease, pairing reminder, max.min. volume reminding, last/next music reminder/long-distance reminder

Support functions: Voice reminding operation, voice control answering, YES means answer, NO means rejection; support A2DP stereo music playing, last music, next music, play, pause, volume up(+), volume down(-), calling number, IOS system power display, power-saving mode
Dual-equipment connection, one-to-two simultaneous connection of two mobile phones; easy switching

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Challenge perfect tone, powerful bass

Design of flexural in-ear headphone with very large curved arc perfectly matches auditory meatus when wearing on. Opening design allows more clear and resounding music in the ear and ensures melodious and quiet music.

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Original tone/Top-grade comfortable experience

FBH15 represents the best of moving coil and makes great breakthrough of tone in the field of Bluetooth you’ve never heard of; earphone appearance design is reasonable and elegant, unique design of in-ear speaker box leads to more shocking bass and more resounding alt of FBH15.

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High resolution, clear vocal music and sound of musical instrument

To listen to music with FBH15, you can distinguish each note of the music, even the sound of human breathing, and exquisite expression is sufficient to move you with each note.

Balanced high, intermediate and low frequencies

Bright alt and powerful bass

Frequency response is 2.4Hz; wideband frequency allows BH15 to produce very high resolution with resounding and accurate bass response.

Sound recovery allows listening to core soul of the music

In pursuance of HIFI,

In pursuance of original music,

Without excess noise, accurately exhibits the voice of various singers

Fashionable taste, smart business partner

FBH15 integrates design of black body, making it more fashionable and classical, design of silver white brim, highlights perfection of FBH15 design,

Irregular design reveals unique individuality and taste of FBH15,

Which you never find a cause to reject;

Ergonomic design of FBH15 allows communication and entertainment

Be convenient and comfortable feeling during operation

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Imported CSR smart chip

FBH15 incorporates imported CSR chip, which is the second largest supplier of Bluetooth chip in the world, and CSR chip is mainly used by high-end products like SAMSUNG, APPLE and etc

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Increase 30% consumption capacity

Accelerate 50% charging capacity

4.0 Bluetooth technology, green and environmental-friendly, longer continuation at the same power capacity! 30% more continuation time than version 3.0 and lower version at the same power capacity.

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One device for two uses: one Bluetooth and two mobile phones, smart connection, allow you getting rid of the trouble of multiple calls and connections!

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Rapid transmission: rapid transmission rate for experience of HD stereo tone

One Bluetooth and two mobile phones, smart connection, allow you getting rid of the trouble of multiple calls and connections!

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HD MIC: built-in HD MIC for HD communication

FBH15 incorporates concealed microphone, which integrates advanced noise-eliminating technology to gain high-quality voice input, leading to 35% more definition than common microphones

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Close distance enjoyment: free enjoyment of pleasure by FBH15 within the range of 10m

No problem of distance with FBH15 if there is free of obstruction

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Desktop/laptop, tablet PC, smart player, game tackles, chargeable Bluetooth electronic equipment  are Compatible with FBH15

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A)  MICRO charging interface
MICRO interface complying with recent international standard is adopted by BH15; in addition to original data cable, other data cables can be matched

B) Call answering key
Hang on/off the call simply by a gentle press, which is convenient and fast

C) Power switch key
Gently slide up/down to enable/disable Bluetooth, which is convenient and fast

D) Volume +/- and last/next music playing
Smart operation, increase/decrease volume simply by a gentle press, hold on +/- to play last/next music

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1) One-key POWER ON: gently press slide key on upper side of earphone to POWER ON or POWER OFF, which is more convenient and faster than traditional POWER ON design by holding on for 5sec

2) One-key HOLD ON/OFF: gently press this key to hold on/off the call, which is convenient and fast

3) Indication of normal operation of Cell and Bluetooth: indication of POWER ON capacity, indication of BLUE light during normal operation, exquisite embodiment of luxury

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1/ In the state of Bluetooth POWER OFF, slide Bluetooth to this state, RED light and BLUE light alternately flash, indicating normal POWER ON

2/power on the mobile phone to search Bluetooth device, until Bluetooth device is searched by the mobile phone, the name of Bluetooth is FBH15

3/ Make pairing connection after FBH15 is searched, functions such as communication, watching movie and listening to music are realizable after pairing connection

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