Product Description

FA700 is a handset Bluetooth earphone V3.0, universal wireless mini earplug hook-type dual-ear MIC

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth technology, version 3.0, stereo

Call distance: 10m

  • Support A2DP music play, volume up(+), volume down(-), display of IOS system power capacity
  • Dual-equipment connection, one-to-two simultaneous connection of two mobile phones, easy switching

Earphone weight: 9g

Earphone size: 40*21*9mm

Call time: 4-hour

Idle time: 100-hour

Supporting specification: Hands-free 1.5 and headset 1.1

Cell: 55mAh chargeable lithium cell

Soundtrack: 2

Packaging: USB charging cable, headphone and earhook, Manual

this model also includes monaural type, the unit price is only at $4.5, the cost performance is very high

Bluetooth earphone6-4

Smart core, powerful heart

Rapid wireless experience is only available with smart chip

HD noise suppressing MIC

Omni-directional MIC, digital signal processing (DSP) loudspeaker drive, 10MM built-in 30-band sound equalizer

Bluetooth earphone6-5

MICRO charging interface (Headphone adapter)

Imported multifunctional MICRO compatible interface, continuation, free listening and easy connection

MICRO interface complying with recent international standard is adopted; in addition to original data cable, other data cables can be matched

Bluetooth earphone6-6

HD sound effect capture makes sound more vivid

Top-rated loudspeaker matches high-end professional MIC (Microphone) sound and always exhibits most authentic voice

Eddy-driven copper ring loudspeaker, high precision design, steady volume output, effective reduction of side effect to the tone, bring better music experience!

Bluetooth earphone6-7

Unique earphone allows listening to more vivid music

Professional ergonomic earphone of silica gel symbolizes out devotion to Aminy sound effect experience

Unique style design is inspired from simple life

Multiple-pattern design, distinctive technology, perfect pattern from any angle

Bluetooth earphone6-8

1)Charging with on-board charger, 2)Direct connection to PC with USB cable, 3)Charging with the mobile phone charging plug

Bluetooth earphone6-9

Top-rated chip

International top-rated Bluetooth chip CSR devotes to Bluetooth compatibility and audio tone

Bluetooth earphone6-10

Smart compatible link

Smart matching connection to Tablet PC, laptop, Mobile phone, WeChat, QQ, movie, CHANGBA, MOMO, compatible to all APPs (Some mobile phone may not support smart compatible link due to updating or not be original system); make life near at hand and infinite radio-based transmission

Smart; smart compatible link; mobile phone, tablet PC

Bluetooth earphone6-11

Lasting continuation, rapid charging

Built-in large capacity cell, enjoy infinite pleasure, listen to music at any time, rapid charging, enjoy music and call all the time

Bluetooth earphone6-12

Your 24-hour life housekeeper

Unlimited enjoyment within the range of 10m

No problem of distance if there is free of obstruction


exclusively unique enjoyment

One-key simplest art is only for distinctive experience

You simply press POWER ON key on the back of earphone to power on/power off link when RED light and BLUE light flash alternately

1) Press the key and BLUE light flashes, indicating POWER ON state

2) Press the key and RED light and BLUE light flash alternately, indicating Bluetooth search state

3) Press the key and RED light flashes, indicating POWER OFF state

wireless Bluetooth earphone-24