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Injection molding Solutions for insufficient filling

1 Use plastics with low viscosity and sound fluidity or adjust prescription of plastics and reduce viscosity of melt; […]

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Injection molding problem– Cannot Be Sufficiently Filled

The plastic melt condenses and solidifies before it can smoothly fill in the cavity part far away from the gate or that with thin section, the cavity therefore is insufficiently filled and the shape and structure of the molded products are incomplete, which is intrinsically due to the low fluidity and poor filling capacity of the plastic melt. […]

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An important design rule for all plates over 50kg mass

As a rule, all plates over 50 kg mass must have lifting holes. If possible, lifting holes should be located so that they are not covered by other components and can be used for lifting even after the plate is partly or completely assembled. […]

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Why we place lifting holes on the face of a mold plate

There are basically two reasons for placing lifting holes on the face of a plate: […]

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How to design all the lifting locations in a mold

The location of these holes can only be determined at the completion of the mold design, after the location for all necessary heating and cooling channels and mounting holes and the shape of the mold part are finalized. […]

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Every mold designer should consider mold lifting safe issue when designing

During the design phase, the designer must try to foresee how a mold or mold part will be handled or mishandled. Where the handler, for example, the machinist, assembler, or molding technician, may cause injury to himself or the others. The designer must consider in all case show size, location, and number of tapped holes in general and for handling devices will affect the strength and the fatigue life of the part. […]

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Mold lifing safety issue

I think safety must be a primary consideration of the mold designer, how can a mold, or any heavy mold part, handled safely? No person should repeatedly lift parts heavier than 20kg or any part which is awkward to handle, regardless of weight, without some mechanical assistance, such as a hoist. […]

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How to avoid getting hurt when handling a mold or mold part

There are four situations during which part or all of the molds is handled […]

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Optimize mold design to avoid shrink mark

Properly increase section dimension of gate and runner; the position of gate is set at thick walls of the plastic parts and should be as symmetric as possible; improve mold exhausting condition; set cold-slug well with sufficient capacity to avoid cold material’s entering into the cavity and influencing filling and shrinkage compensation; […]

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Optimize injection technics to avoid shrink mark

Properly improve injection and dwell pressure as well as the injection rate to increase melt’s compression tightness; prolong time of injection and dwell( the freezing of gate should not occur too early) to realize sufficient shrinkage compensation; […]

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