Discuss the use of beryllium copper alloys in plastic injection industry

Copper beryllium alloys are heavily used worldwide in the plastic industry in the manufacture of injection mold components that are then used to make containers from different types of plastic resins. It is estimated that 50 percent of the plastic injection industry uses this material for this purpose. […]

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Hot Runner System Design Standard is very important

Keeping hot runner system costs down is key to efficient injection mold design.

Designing standard items into a hot runner system or hot half can help reduce initial material costs and downtime, simplify spare parts ordering, increase design flexibility and system reliability, ease maintenance, and improve product delivery and quality. These standard items include parts a hot runner manufacturer has on hand and ready to ship with minor adjustments, such as manifold blocks, heated hot runner nozzles, sprue heaters and gates. […]

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The cooling technology is very important for a mold

Mold builders can optimize mold performance by taking advantage of advanced process cooling technology.

Whether it’s for a precision mold with a relatively low production volume or a straightforward mold designed specifically for a high production run, the importance of incorporating process cooling continues to increase for mold builders. […]

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How to efficiently operate EMD

The workpiece material and the process parameters of a sinker EDM operation can impact productivity and profitability.

 Although most moldmakers will agree that the main objective for manufacturing any product is to make a profit, it is often difficult to ensure that the manufac-turing process is profitable and to continue to refine that process to consistently increase profitability. This is especially challenging when working with non-standard materials that are difficult to EDM, such as carbide, titanium and copper alloys commonly used in moldmaking. […]

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A new technology benefits mold repair

The right laser welding formula leads to efficient mold repair and increased tool life.

Welding is commonly used in mold repair to restore the mold to its optimal working condition. Advanced laser welding technology, coupled with experienced welding technicians and a fully equipped, on-site metallography lab, can help minimize or eliminate the negative effects of welding, increase mold life and improve the overall manufacturing process. […]

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More information about Five-Axis machining

Capitalizing on its unique characteristics can help you fully realize the potential of five-axis machining.

There is always a correlation between the market for a product and technology. The trend towards reducing the number of components, for example, has led to increasing complexity of individual workpieces. The availability of five-axis machining followed by five-axis simultaneous machining intensified this trend, and has ultimately resulted in multi-axis milling operations gaining a foothold in prototype construction, tool making and moldmaking, aircraft construction, and serial production. […]

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Fully digital sinker EDM generators benefit mold maintenance

Moldmakers benefit the most, by far, from fully digital sinker EDM generators. The digital technology has advanced the functionality of generators to the point where mold shops can now precisely control and manipulate the EDM spark. Such control allows them to produce components that reduce overall mold maintenance costs for their customers. […]

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Fully digital sinker EDM generators benefit Process Efficiency

Every moldmaker strives for higher cutting speeds and reduced electrode wear to increase overall mold production efficiency. However, as burn speed/spark power increases, so, too, does risk of damage to the part surface, especially in those applications where cavity undersizes are tight. […]

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Fully digital sinker EDM generators benefit Electrode Wear

The ability of an EDM electrode to produce and maintain details is a crucial part of the machining process, and that ability is affected by its wear resistance, particularly when intricate details or thin, deep ribs are involved. To achieve maximum EDM productivity, moldmakers need technology that allows them to reduce electrode erosion/wear, ideally by distributing the wear among multiple part cavities. Wear partitioning functionality in a sinker EDM generator can help. […]

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How to understand 5S principle for EDM

Most mold builders are familiar with the 5S workplace organization method for lean manufacturing, which embraces the concepts of sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain. Each aspect focuses on avoiding waste and can easily serve as a basis for continuous improvement within mold shops that use EDM and graphite. […]

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