How to Evaluate a Hot Runner System

Mold builders and injection molders have different requirements when it comes to hot runner systems. Mold builders are often concerned about price, delivery and quality, while the molder is concerned with operation, performance and ease of maintenance. […]

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Introduction to Audi Toolmaking

Toolmaking has always been one of Audi’s core competences, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible to lay the foundation for our high‑quality car bodies and to remain globally competitive. […]

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CNC Requirements of Five-Axis Mold Machining

Understanding how data is processed helps to select the appropriate CNC control for a five-axis machine to optimize machining time, surface finish quality and workpiece accuracy. Here are five basic requirements a CNC control should meet: […]

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The Data Processing of Five-Axis mold machining

Before examining CNC requirements, let’s review how data processing can influence a mold’s accuracy and surface quality. Here are four key influencers of data processing on the results of five-axis mold machining: […]

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Introduction to Five-Axis Machining control system in mold making

In today’s competitive moldmaking marketplace, some mold builders believe the industry’s required tolerances and surface finishes can no longer be achieved with electrodes. Instead, they rely on high-speed cutting of 3D surfaces, which not only meets the necessary tolerance and finish requirements, but can also streamline the manufacturing process and positively impact a shop’s bottom line. […]

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Welders should consider for mold and die steels

With every weld repair comes challenges with EDM recast layers, platings, coatings, steel types and filler rod choices. we’ll break down these problems and recommend repair procedures that welders should consider for mold and die steels. […]

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How to secure an effective mold repair procedure

In most welding shops, there is a certain procedure for handling a mold from when it arrives for repair to when it is ready for a customer. At my company, it is a seven-step process that may require adjustments depending on whether we are using micro-TIG or laser welding. […]

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Discuss the use of beryllium copper alloys in plastic injection industry

Copper beryllium alloys are heavily used worldwide in the plastic industry in the manufacture of injection mold components that are then used to make containers from different types of plastic resins. It is estimated that 50 percent of the plastic injection industry uses this material for this purpose. […]

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Hot Runner System Design Standard is very important

Keeping hot runner system costs down is key to efficient injection mold design.

Designing standard items into a hot runner system or hot half can help reduce initial material costs and downtime, simplify spare parts ordering, increase design flexibility and system reliability, ease maintenance, and improve product delivery and quality. These standard items include parts a hot runner manufacturer has on hand and ready to ship with minor adjustments, such as manifold blocks, heated hot runner nozzles, sprue heaters and gates. […]

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The cooling technology is very important for a mold

Mold builders can optimize mold performance by taking advantage of advanced process cooling technology.

Whether it’s for a precision mold with a relatively low production volume or a straightforward mold designed specifically for a high production run, the importance of incorporating process cooling continues to increase for mold builders. […]

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