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First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd provides customers with one-stop services, including project planning, product design & optimization, molding analysis, mold design, integration & optimization of resources, mold manufacturing & molding, quality control as well as delivery of products and molds. If you need to produce complete products counting on us, we’ll make available as much resources to you, until such products are handed over to you.

First-rate Mold Solution Co. Ltd has well-rounded experiences in CAD/CAM/CAE application in terms of design by modern mainstream three-dimensional and two-dimensional modeling software as well as analysis and optimization by mainstream molding analysis software. We’re capable of processing documents in various formats. If your design is only conceptual, let us make it a workable one! Moreover, we can perform the feasibility assessment of your conceptual design with the help of rapid prototyping and CNC machining techniques. Sure, it’s honorable for us to provide you with a complete industrial design for your product if we’re trusted to do so.

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